BCUBE Entertainment is a tour production and event marketing agency with full on event promotion and hospitality service. The agency possesses both English and Korean professionals standing side by side to lead brand or cultural contents industry. As an internationally proven agency, we are able to execute full service over any client’s requests that encompass various types and scales of events: small business launching events, macro-scale exhibitions, large community festivals, artist fanmeets, worldwide concert tours, and so forth.

With diverse experience in executing numerous events as mentioned above, our team excels in event planning and production. We implement multifaceted marketing strategies to effectively promote and attain a measurable event success for our clients. Additional outstanding feature our agency provides is a complete hospitality service which achieved many clients’ satisfaction. Our skilled and qualified personnel provides Korean-to-English interpretation and translation towards any event hosted in Canada or in Korea.

Most of the major projects we focus involve connecting with renowned entertainment agencies or booking agencies within Canada and South Korea to initiate international tours. BCUBE Entertainment interacts with these companies and shares the necessary market data, marketing strategies, local on-spot production and promotion to each other.